Adventure on My Mind and A Travel Backpack on My Spine

Too big, and you’ll end up with too much weight. Too small, and you won’t be able to fit in enough stuff. Can’t go wrong with the material either, as you might end up ruining your stuff in the rains. A travel backpack is a fundamental prerequisite of a comfortable and safe adventure trip. You can’t afford to end up with the wrong one.

Though trendy travel rucksacks are available aplenty online and in retail stores, one must know exactly what the travel plans are and what kind of backpack will suit one’s need.

What to look for?

If you are going to lug it around for a while, the best backpack should be durable, protective and long-lasting:

Water resistant material – A durable backpack should ideally be made of waterproof material so that your stuff is well protected in a drizzle. Brands like Deuter offer rucksacks with rain cover which can be put over the bag during severe downpour. Make sure the material doesn’t stay wet for long and thereby get musty.

Lockable zippers – Look for backpacks that have compartments with two zippers so you can lock them together. Travel safe with your belongings safely locked.

Compartments – A good backpack must have multiple compartments. It makes it easier to pack as you can divide your belongings into smaller sections and in turn becomes easier to access. It saves times as you don’t have to look around every time to find your stuff.

Internal frame: Most backpacks these days come with internal frames, which means the support rods and frame are in-built and are not visible outside. They don’t only look better but are also convenient as with external rods theirs is chance of them getting caught. And also internal-frame backpacks are slimmer and lighter.